11 water quality testing standards such as CODCr and ammonia nitrogen

- Apr 27, 2020-

In order to implement the "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", protect the ecological environment, protect human health, and standardize the monitoring of the ecological environment, 11 standards, such as the "Technical Specifications for Sewage Monitoring", are now approved as national environmental protection standards and issued.

The standard name and number are as follows.

1. "Technical Specifications for Sewage Monitoring" (HJ 91.1-2019)

2. "Technical Specifications for Installation of Online Monitoring System for Water Pollution Sources (CODCr, NH3-N, etc.)" (HJ 353-2019)

3. "Technical Specifications for Acceptance of Online Water Pollution Source Monitoring System (CODCr, NH3-N, etc.)" (HJ 354-2019)

Fourth, "Water Pollution Source Online Monitoring System (CODCr, NH3-N, etc.) Operation Technical Specifications" (HJ 355-2019)

Fifth, "Water Pollution Source Online Monitoring System (CODCr, NH3-N, etc.) Data Validity Technical Specifications" (HJ 356-2019)

VI. "Technical Requirements and Detection Methods of Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODCr) Water Quality Online Automatic Monitor" (HJ 377-2019)

Seven, "Technical requirements and detection methods of chemical oxygen demand (CODCr) water online automatic monitor" (HJ 377-2019)

Eight, "Technical requirements and detection methods of hexavalent chromium water quality automatic online monitor" (HJ 609-2019)

Nine, "Ultrasonic Open Channel Sewage Flowmeter Technical Requirements and Testing Methods" (HJ 15-2019)

X. "Water Quality-Determination of Benzene Series Headspace / Gas Chromatography" (HJ 1067-2019)

Eleven, "Determination of soil particle size Pipette method and hydrometer method" (HJ 1068-2019)

The above standards will be implemented from March 24, 2020 and published by China Environmental Publishing Group Co., Ltd. The contents of the standards can be found on the website of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (http://www.mee.gov.cn)

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Ministry of Ecology and Environment

December 24, 2019