4.0 era high performance atomic fluorescence

- Jan 07, 2020-

Winner: Haiguang Instrument HGF-V9 Atomic Fluorescence Photometer

Award Name: 4.0 era high performance atomic fluorescence

Reasons for winning: Atomic Fluorescence Technology has been developed since the 1980s. If it is divided into a stage in about ten years, the 1.0 era is in its infancy, the 2.0 era solves the problem of automation, and the 3.0 era solves the problem of morphological analysis of arsenic and mercury in food. In the 4.0 era, atomic fluorescence technology was further improved.

The HGF-V9 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer is the first high-performance product in the 4.0 era. Based on the new four-channel nine-lamp optical system, it introduces a highly integrated 3D integrated flow path, millions of maintenance-free ignitions, and dual-zone temperature-controlled atoms. Key technologies such as chemicalizers, water-cooled self-discharge exhaust gas separators, and automatic light-on-light; developed key technologies such as mercury lamp self-excitation and drift auto-calibration technology, three-channel high-precision digital gas path, and atomization area visualization system, and realized The high degree of automation and intelligence of atomic fluorescence analysis significantly improves instrument reliability and long-term stability, and solves user pain problems such as severe memory effects and mercury lamp drift.