A letter to more than 1,200 exhibitors at Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition

- Nov 05, 2020-

Time is shallow and memory is deep! In 60 days, analytica China, the grand event of the Asia-Pacific laboratory industry, will begin on November 16-18. As this year's largest global laboratory industry event, this year's event is particularly eye-catching.

More than half a year ago, the epidemic broke out, and the future was clouded with unpredictable haze. In the crisis, the laboratory people moved forward with a heavy burden and walked on the front line of the charge. The greeting and comfort at that time became the courage and confidence to support each other and continue to struggle. As the crisis eased a bit, everyone's heart was backlogged with bottoming out and rebounding.

After all, analytica China is your stage! Since the first session in 2002, you have shown us countless technological innovations and solutions with sincere enthusiasm and professional attitude. It has been 10 sessions! Creation and innovation are drawn from the concept to reality, displayed on the booth, and used in work. Especially this year, when the difficulties of the industry are embodied in everyone, you still firmly believe in Muzhan and choose Muzhan. We are deeply moved by it and will be remembered in our hearts.

-The scale of exhibitors grew against the trend, with more than 1,200 companies gathering together

The scale of the exhibition this year has not shrunk, but has increased. As of September 18, analytica China had 1,200 registered exhibitors, an increase of 18% over the previous exhibition; the exhibition area exceeded 60,000 square meters, an increase of 30% over the previous exhibition; the share of foreign and joint venture brands increased by 12% compared with the previous exhibition. In addition to showing the super appeal of analytica China, the confidence of industry enterprises in the market is evident.

Click to view analytica China 2020 exhibitor list_as of August edition

Many old friends who have participated in the exhibition for many years told us early that no matter how difficult, the revolutionary friendship that has been mutually beneficial for many years will not stop this year; there are many exhibitors who tell us that analytica China is their only choice this year, and overseas colleagues cannot enter. , They send colleagues from China, colleagues from sensitive areas cannot come to Shanghai, they send colleagues from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. If foreign exhibitors can't come, it happens that our domestic companies come to carry the flag.

A foreign brand manufacturer took the initiative to sign up for the exhibition, and we were quite moved after some exchanges. "Our products entered the Chinese market before the reform and opening up. We have always been proud of the fact that for a long time, regardless of the ups and downs of the environment and the industry, we have been with our customers uninterruptedly, always helping customers solve problems, and Customers grow together. This year we must participate in the hope that analytica China will maintain and narrow the distance between us and our customers and provide our help. Otherwise, we will not be ashamed to say that we will always be with customers in the future."

-Analytica China 2020 eight themes are presented in a concentrated manner

Each time the Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition will present different exhibition highlights. This year's exhibition will focus on the following eight exhibition highlights. All activities, promotion and audience invitations will also be carried out on the following eight themes.

Laboratory planning and construction

Biomedicine and public health

Food and environmental safety

Core components and Chinese power

Human and laboratory safety

Daguo Heavy Equipment and Field Simulation Laboratory

Diagnosis and clinical laboratory

Lean management and digital transformation

If your business or product focus is consistent with our eight key points, you are welcome to actively submit your related products and activities, and work with us to double your participation. For details, please contact: lihua.zhu@mm-sh.com

-Consolidate confidence and transmit strength-from our initiative

As of September 18, more than 6,000 nationwide visitors have registered to visit this exhibition, and the total number of pre-registrations has remained close to the previous high. And several of the details also made us quite gratified and moved.

-Pre-registered visitors outside Shanghai accounted for 54%, while the actual number at the last show was 55.5%. The two figures are surprisingly similar. This also indicates that this year's exhibition will not only be an exhibition in Shanghai or East China, but the diversity of the region will likely be better than the previous one. After analyzing the regional sources, we found that the top ten regions are:

Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, Beijing, Guangdong Province, Shaanxi Province, Hebei Province, Anhui Province and Henan Province.

According to the industry sources of registered visitors, the top five industries are:

Biomedicine, chemistry and chemical engineering, life sciences, instrument/equipment and food analysis.

-The top five products or technologies that the audience is interested in are:

Analytical instruments and technology, biotechnology, general laboratory equipment, reagents/chemicals and laboratory design and construction.

As of now, the number of applications for the Prime Priority program for middle and high-level end users is 3,400, and the number is still rising.

The enthusiasm of the audience is increasing as analytica China approaches. As an exhibitor, are you ready to go?

-Five-point initiative from Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition

In order to create a successful platform for 1,200 companies and tens of thousands of visitors, we also hope to issue a five-point initiative to all exhibitors:

1. Build confidence and transmit strength

In a special year, whether it is exhibitors or visitors, there will be more or less doubts, but the past half of the year has proved that the country’s decision-making and guarantee are strong, the preparation and organization of the exhibition are adequate, and the enthusiasm of the visitors is Expectations are high. Therefore, what we need at this moment is more rational thinking, mutual support, and joint efforts to gather confidence in the industry and deliver the power of mission!

2. Increase exhibits and enrich activities

This year, industry activities and offline activities have greatly reduced, but user demand has not fallen equably. We judge that this year's audience regional sources and industry composition will be more abundant. Therefore, we call on exhibitors to use your booth space to showcase your products and technologies more than ever before, and at the same time voluntarily organize or participate in our academic and marketing activities, and jointly provide users with a more visible and more A diverse, warmer, more rewarding and inspiring exhibition.

3. Promote together and invite customers

We will spare no effort to promote the exhibition and organize the audience. At the same time, we also call for this year, you can join us to pay more attention to your own publicity and customer invitations. Use your company’s publicity channels to mobilize your company’s employees and let your customers know that you will participate in analytica China through your own social media resources. The same customer may receive several invitations, I hope you don’t pull it down either. Let customers say hello to you at your booth and say "Hi, I haven't seen you in a long time!"

4. Simple construction, giving back to users

analytica China is a stage to showcase corporate image and strength. The dazzling booths and products of previous years are the characteristics of the exhibition. However, this year, the organizer hopes to issue an initiative for companies to jointly advocate simple construction! Facing customers with a simple but not simple, simple but not simple image. Use the saved funds to organize products and activities, entertain customers and audiences and other projects, and truly invest the funds on users.

5. Abide by rules and contracts, safety first

Finally, although the country’s epidemic prevention and control has become normal and risks are effectively controlled, participation in the exhibition should not be taken lightly. The organizer will formulate practical and effective management measures with the relevant competent units, and hope that the majority of enterprises will earnestly comply with them, and do not seek temporary convenience or fluke. Abide by the rules and contracts, safety first!

In a special year, the appearance of our laboratory people is like the Chinese laboratory industry. The image we show in the exhibition cycle represents our image in the minds of customers. Analytica China 2020 brings together the vision and hard work of thousands of exhibitors; what will bring together is the willingness to learn and hands-on work of tens of thousands of professional visitors; what will bring together is the meticulous organization and in-depth interpretation of industry partners and media peers; and it will also bring together The exhibition is open to all rivers and works hard.

For so many nights, we are sincere and fearful because of the trust of exhibitors and visitors, and strive to live up to expectations.

Please allow us to express our sincere and lofty gratitude to you!