Anhui Metrology Institute added 18 measurement standards such as “Ammonia Nitrogen Automatic Monitor”

- Dec 05, 2019-

The measurement standard is the abbreviation of the standard instrument, which means that the accuracy is lower than the measurement standard and is used to verify other measurement standards or work measurement instruments. It transfers the unit value reproduced from the measurement standard to the working measuring instrument step by step and traces the measurement result to the important part of the national measurement standard within the allowable range.

At the beginning of November, Anhui Metrology Institute added 18 “highest measurement standards for “dust sampler verification device”, “ammonia nitrogen automatic monitor calibration device” and “total phosphorus total nitrogen water quality online analyzer calibration device”.

Anhui Metrology Institute strengthened the measurement basic capacity building. In 2019, the total number of high standards reached 120. Compared with the high standard in 2015, it has greatly improved the measurement level of our province and effectively met the testing needs of enterprises.

Dust sampler

Refers to portable appliances that collect dust samples in dusty air. To determine the dust concentration in the air, in addition to the safety production management needs, it is also to provide a scientific basis for the study of dust, dust and dust removal measures. Dust measurement with a sampler is recognized as a more accurate method. It is widely used in the health monitoring and evaluation of disease prevention, environmental monitoring, labor protection, safety supervision, military, scientific research and teaching, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway, building materials and other departments. It is specially used to determine the average concentration of dust in the air in the workplace of production teams. .

Ammonia nitrogen automatic monitor

It is an instrument that is installed at a specific location and is continuously and continuously analyzed for ammonia nitrogen for 24 hours. The water sample of the principle is heated and distilled in the slightly alkaline ejecting liquid, and the released ammonia gas is absorbed by the absorption liquid, and the methyl red is used as an indicator, and the ammonium in the absorption liquid is titrated with the hydrochloric acid standard solution, and the photoelectric reaction is used. The arrival of the end point is indicated, and then the amount of ammonia nitrogen in the water sample is calculated by the formula according to the consumption amount of the hydrochloric acid standard solution, and the result is displayed by the display.

Total phosphorus total nitrogen water quality online analyzer

One instrument can be used to measure the total phosphorus and total nitrogen in the water at the same time. The working principle is that the strong oxidant of the sample to be tested has high temperature and high pressure digestion reaction, and various nitrogen compounds and phosphorus compounds in the water sample undergo oxidation transformation. HNO3 salt and H3PO4 salt, total nitrogen is measured by ultraviolet spectrophotometry to obtain the total nitrogen content of the sample; total phosphorus is added by molybdate, and the color of the solution is proportional to the total phosphorus content in the water sample. . The total phosphorus content of the sample was measured by photometrically measuring the absorbance value of the reactant product.