Chromosome analysis system

- Feb 18, 2020-

Features and functions of chromosome analysis system

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Chromosome analysis system, also known as chromosome karyotype analysis system or chromosome image analysis system, it is mainly used for clinical medical analysis and diagnosis under modern microscope. It has the advantage of high definition, it can directly observe under the large screen of the computer, use the computer Automatic identification and segmentation of chromosomes, standard chromosome karyotype control and automatic alignment. It not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of medical workers, but also improves the accuracy of analysis and judgment. It also makes it easier to store and process images, and provides data for future analysis and summary. It represents the trend of medical microscopic image analysis.


1. High definition:

Automatic identification of karyotypes can be performed on a computer display screen.

2. Easy operation:

It adopts standard Microsoft Windows operating system and can also run on Windows 98x / XP. The operation interface is all Chinese characters and operated by mouse, which greatly reduces the tediousness of manual analysis.

3. Automatic identification and arrangement of karyotypes:

Based on the quantitative data of ISCN's human chromosome standard pattern map and operating software under the guidance of many medical clinical experts, the system can automatically identify chromosomes and can be arranged in groups, which greatly reduces the complexity of the original work and significantly improves the work efficiency.

4. Report output specifications:

Based on the standard report format of the Chinese Medical Association, the system automatically generates reports, which is simple and clear.

5. Automatic identification of chromosome karyotype:

Audited by a professional physician, the karyotype analysis results can be saved quickly and automatically.

6. File management:

There are a variety of query schemes for free combination query and fuzzy query, which makes it very convenient for doctors to manage and retrieve patient data.