Consultation Draft

- May 18, 2020-

This standard applies to the design, processing, and installation of protection devices for groundwater automatic monitoring stations.

Normative references: "GB / T 985.1 recommended grooves for gas welding, electrode arc welding, gas shielded welding and high-energy beam welding", "GB / T 25376 General technical conditions for machining parts of metal cutting machine tools", "GB / T 51040 Technical Specifications for Groundwater Monitoring Engineering, "SL 34 Hydrological Station Network Planning Technical Guidelines", "GB 50027 Water Supply Hydrogeological Survey Specifications", etc.

Groundwater monitoring station

A hydrological station set up to obtain information such as groundwater level, water quantity, water quality, and water temperature generally consists of monitoring wells, monitoring equipment, monitoring station protection facilities, monitoring station identification plates, and leveling standards.

Monitoring station protection device

Facilities or devices installed at or near the wellhead of the monitoring well to protect the monitoring well and automatic monitoring equipment.

First Article Inspection

The inspection of the first or the first few products processed after the start of each shift or process changes (such as personnel changes, refueling and tooling changes, machine tool adjustments, tooling tool replacement, grinding, etc.). Generally, 3 to 5 products produced in succession must be inspected, and subsequent products can be processed only after they are qualified.

The groundwater automatic monitoring station protection device is installed above or near the monitoring wellhead, and the automatic monitoring equipment is placed in it to provide a suitable working environment for the automatic monitoring equipment.

The design and installation of the protection device of the groundwater automatic monitoring station include: protection device design and material selection, processing technology and on-site installation process.

The protection device of the groundwater automatic monitoring station should be scientific and reasonable in structure design, easy to process and install, and have the functions of anti-theft and ventilation; it is convenient for the installation of automatic monitoring equipment, operation and maintenance of the later monitoring station and water sample collection; Signal attenuation and other requirements; surface treatment should be resistant to corrosion, sunlight and rain; monitoring station protection device installation should be carried out after the completion of the groundwater monitoring well construction, on-site installation should be firm and beautiful, can withstand a certain intensity of impact, prevent facilities and equipment from being damaged damage.

Protection device placement

Before placing the protective device, cut off the excess well tube, so that the final well tube is about 120 mm above the surface.

Install the support leg of the protection device on the spot, place the protection device and the well pipe concentrically in the base pit, and place the support leg on the prefabricated cement brick.

Adjust the outriggers so that the protective device is 700 mm above the ground and stays straight with the ground.

Put the manufactured base reinforcement outside the protection tube and place it concentrically with the well tube in the base pit.