Cytometer 1

- Jan 30, 2020-

Structure of a cytometer

Structure of automatic cell counter

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Automatic cell counters use advanced optical and image analysis techniques to achieve automated cell counting. The standard trypan blue staining technique can accurately detect the number of cells and survival rate. The amount of sample required by the automatic cell counter is the same as that required by the currently used hemocytometer, and it takes less than 1 minute to complete a typical cell count of a sample. Cell size information. The user interface of the automatic cell counter is very intuitive, and software and USB drives can be used to save and print cell count data. The automatic cell counter is equipped with a disposable cell counting plate. The cell counting plate includes two closed counting cells for holding samples. Two different samples can be detected at the same time, and data verification can be performed on the same sample. The cell counting position is in the center of the counting cell, and the total volume of the counting cells is 0.4 μL.


The automatic cell counter uses trypan blue staining for cell counting or viability detection.

Power button

The power button is used to turn the instrument on and off. The red status light indicates that the instrument has been turned off; the green status light indicates that the instrument has been turned on.

Touch display

The touch display on the front of the instrument includes the buttons needed to perform all functions and can display cell count data.

Cell counting plate interface

The cell counting plate interface is used to insert the cell counting plate containing trypan blue stained samples into the counter for easy analysis.

USB interface

Cell counting data and images can be transferred and saved to a computer via a USB interface for easy storage and printing. The USB drive provided by this instrument or any other standard USB drive can be inserted into the USB interface for data transmission.

Power plug

You need to use the power cord provided and connect the meter to a power outlet with a suitable plug according to the outlet configuration of your country.

Image adjustment (focus) knob

The image adjustment (focus) knob is used to adjust the quality of the image, which is convenient to obtain a better contrast effect between living cells (bright center) and dead cells (dark blue center). In order to obtain accurate cell count and detection of survival rate.

Focus lock knob

Once the image is optimal, you can use the focus lock knob to lock the image adjustment (focus). The focus lock button does not have to be used, however, if multiple samples of the same cell type are detected, it helps to use the instrument.

User Interface

The automated cell counter operates using a touchscreen user interface, which includes:

1) Touch