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- Jan 31, 2020-

Features of the cytometer

Features of automatic cell counter and requirements for use of technology board

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The automatic cell counter is used to stain dead cells by trypan blue, combined with advanced image analysis technology, to measure cell survival rate and cell count. The cell sample was mixed with trypan blue and added dropwise to a cell counting plate. The camera will collect the cell images on the cell counting board, and the image analysis software will automatically analyze them, and detect the cell number and survival rate by trypan blue dye. The detection time of a single sample does not exceed one minute, and the following data can be obtained: live cell and dead cell concentration / mL, total cell concentration / mL, survival rate (% of live cells and total cells), average diameter, cell image And graphical data.

Main features of automatic cell counter:

1. Can set size threshold and analyze cells

2. Ability to obtain comprehensive data with graphical reports for easy comparison between samples

3. Cell size data can be obtained, widely used, applicable to all kinds of eukaryotic cells, no special changes are required when detecting larger or smaller cells

4.Ability to save and print cell count data and images using the instrument's software and USB drive

5. Cell concentration and cell size use disposable counting plates, which do not need to be cleaned and can avoid cross-contamination of the sample plate

6. The interface is intuitive, the operation is simple, the data is obtained quickly, and the cell count and survival rate can be detected within one minute.

General rules for cytometry plates

For best results, follow these rules:

1. Wear gloves before handling samples.

2. Do not touch the optical surface of the cell counter while holding the edge of the handheld counter by hand.

3. When using an automatic cell counter, the temperature is preferably at room temperature.

4. Make sure the cell suspension covers the counting area, because trypan blue

It is toxic to cells, so cells mixed with trypan blue solution need to be counted within three minutes in order to obtain accurate cell viability. To get better sample data, it is best to count multiple samples and then average them.

5. If the automatic cell counter has been updated with firmware or used unmatched cells mixed with trypan blue solution, then the cells mixed with trypan blue solution need to be recalibrated.

6. The memory of the automatic cell counter can only hold one set of data. So after each reading, you need to save the data

To a USB drive. Data can also be transferred to the computer immediately via a USB drive

7. Do not reuse the cell counting plate after use.