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- Feb 07, 2020-

Function of cytometer

Features of the multifunctional blood cell counter

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Cell sorting counter is a computer used for biology. Multifunctional blood cell counter is composed of digital processing chip, integrated circuit and display screen, buttons, and used in conjunction with a microscope. It is automatically classified and counted by a microcomputer. The multifunctional blood cell counter can comprehensively analyze bone sui cells, peripheral blood cells, and small megakaryocytes. The classification counts and automatically calculates various indicators, which can calculate the integral after cytochemical staining, and has four commonly used calculations.


Differential count of peripheral blood cells:

The neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils commonly found in peripheral blood can be classified and counted and analyzed. Count analysis can also be performed if naive cells appear. As long as the inspectors input various cells in the observed peripheral blood into the counter, the indicators such as total cell count, various cell numbers, and percentages can appear immediately. Quick, simple, and ready .

Megakaryocyte enzyme label calculation:

Can calculate the results of 9 kinds of megakaryocytes, and automatically calculate the number and percentage of each cell.

Bone sui cell classification count:

The human bone sui cells can be classified and counted and analyzed. When the count reaches a predetermined total number, a beep sounds and a complete index is automatically analyzed, including the total cell count, the number of various cells, the percentage, and the percentage of grain red , You can turn the main indicators for page display, and the data is accurate.

Calculation of cytochemical staining results:

It can calculate the chemical staining results of cells, and automatically calculate the total number of negative and positive reaction cells, the positive rate and the number of points.

Calculator function:

The instrument has a simple calculator function that can implement addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by four operations.