cytometer 5

- Feb 12, 2020-

Technical Parameters

1. The quality of the single key has been turned off, and the use time is long.

2. Display adopts LED backlight LCD screen, large screen, high definition

3. There are many buttons for cell counting, complete functions, and reasonable layout.

4. With report number setting, data saving, query and other functions.

5. Can be connected to a computer with a USB port, enabling fast data transmission and significantly improving work efficiency.

6. Large data storage capacity, data will not be lost even if the power is off.

7. The data transmission uses the USB2.0 high-speed standard interface. The original data structure is simple and easy to analyze. 8. DC wide voltage adapter (AC100 ~ 220V) or USB port dual mode power supply, convenient for single machine operation or online use.

9. There is a beep: a beep will sound every time it counts to a multiple of 50 or reaches the set total. & n