Green Energy-saving Liquid Mass Spectrometer

- Jan 22, 2020-

Award body: QSight series triple quadrupole liquid chromatography instrument

Award Name: Green Energy-saving Liquid Mass Spectrometer

Reasons for winning:

Green transportation: The QSight series LC/MS adopts a vertical design, eliminating the need for a test bench and saving space for laboratory instruments. The QSight series LC/MS uses a lock-on wheel design that provides great efficiency in instrument installation and transportation.

Green use: 1. Unique dual ion source mode, providing customers with single ESI, single APCI, ESI+ESI, ESI+APCI, APCI+APCI and other different combinations of acquisition modes, and can work simultaneously and alternately. Significantly increase sample throughput. 2. The heating-induced desolvation interface can effectively remove the solvent cluster during the ion transport process, and the ion current forms a laminar flow under the high-speed high-temperature nitrogen flow, so that it never touches the HSID source wall and reduces pollution. Because of this unique design, QSight has the characteristics of “not afraid of dirty, dirty, not afraid of dirt”. It is not afraid of being contaminated by samples, and the maintenance of the instrument is simple, and 15% of the instrument running time can be obtained. 3. Ultra-fast positive and negative mode switching time is derived from the unique patented UniField electronic counting detector. Overcome the biggest obstacles in positive and negative ion voltage switching to achieve the fastest positive and negative switching speed.