- Nov 07, 2019-

The IFS 125 hr is the ultimate research in the field of high resolution infrared spectral analysis tool

Bring your lab remarkable results

In absorption or emission mode, the IFS 125 hr highly complex spectrum can be decomposed into independent line, to identify and spectrum identify:

In the whole spectral range have outstanding resolution

Distinguish between linewidth < 0.0225 px 1

Far infrared spectral range: 125 px - 1 to 50, 0-1 > uv area

Bilateral interference figure collection (optional)

Symmetric linear - thanks to the high precision optical components

Easy to switch range - each experiment can without breaking the vacuum conditions under the premise of change the light source and detector

Two sample room, each support four light source and six detector

Sliding bearing with a mixed structure of scanner interferometer, speed stability can be improved

New electronic components, to achieve a better data collection

IFS 125 hr electronic components to provide Ethernet connections, and based on 24 modulus conversion DigitectTM detector combined with the technology of data collection. Standard in the infrared spectral range can be easily extended to the near infrared, visible and ultraviolet light.