Intelligent, high-precision petroleum product distillation tester

- Jan 21, 2020-

Winner: Austria Anton Paar Automatic Atmospheric Distillation Diana 700

Award Name: Intelligent, high-precision petroleum product distillation tester

Reasons for winning: Anton Paar Diana 700 is capable of high-precision atmospheric distillation testing of petroleum products with the following characteristics:

1. Five-in-one mobile multi-function distillation stopper with integrated evaporation temperature sensor.

- Quick-connected retort for one-handed operation, mounted to a 125 mL or 200 mL flask in just a few seconds with just one hand.

- Mobility: When removing the retort, you also remove the temperature sensor - there is no interference from the cable and external sensors.

- Safety: It provides an insulated contact point to operate the retort at high temperatures to avoid the risk of burns.

- With integrated evaporation temperature sensor. The integrated memory space stores calibration data for the temperature sensor (up to 20) that is automatically applied by the instrument when the quick-connect retort is installed.

2, automatic positioning heater and protective cover

The -Diana 700 automatically performs manual processing steps during test preparation and smoothly moves the heater and shield up until it reaches the test position.

- The sensor automatically detects if the heater is in the correct position – avoiding the risk of damaging the retort.

- The instrument automatically detects the correct type and position of the retort and retort support – avoiding erroneous testing operations.

- After the test is completed, the heater will automatically drop to speed up the distillation of the retort and shorten the waiting time for the next measurement.

3, to achieve the highest level of security

-Diana 700 has advanced built-in safety features to ensure safe operation.

- Start the instrument self-test: Make sure that each component is ready for distillation.

- Intelligent test condition monitoring system to avoid setting errors

- Automatic fire extinguishing system with optical flame detection automatically detects if inert gas is connected

4, perfect temperature stability and volume detection

- Temperature stability: The glass cylinder is tightly covered by the recovery chamber to reduce voids and minimize the effects of the environment on temperature.

- Peltier continuously controls the temperature to ensure that the recovery chamber temperature is maintained at the desired level.

- Volume detection: The CIS high precision continuous imaging volumetric detection system is used to measure the volume of the sample in the recovery cylinder. Measure the volume of the sample before the test begins, and if necessary, automatically correct to a volume of 100%