Jingxin High Energy Planetary Ball Mill Assists Pretreatment of Soil Samples

- May 15, 2020-

Grain is about people's livelihood. As the saying goes, a grain of grain can save a country!" However, a reality that has to be admitted is that our country's land is limited. So since ancient times, in order to increase the grain output to feed more people's stomachs, farmers and researchers have really struggled!

There are four major granaries in China: the Northeast Plain, the North China Plain, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Plain, and the Pearl River Delta Plain. Let ’s talk about the black land in the Northeast today. The black soil in the Northeast is the most fertile land in China and can always be used as the most secure granary in China. From the reclamation of the black soil in the Northeast to the present, the soil water erosion and wind erosion in the black soil in the Northeast have intensified, the content of soil organic matter has decreased, the hardening of the plow layer has hardened, and the degradation of ecological functions has become increasingly prominent.

The organic matter content of the black soil plough layer has decreased by 50% -60%, the average thickness of the soil layer has dropped from 50cm-60cm to about 30cm, and the potential soil productivity has decreased by more than 20%, and it is still decreasing at an average annual rate of 5 ‰. At this rate, in a few decades, high-quality land resources for crop production in the main grain production areas in Northeast China will no longer exist. To obtain food output at this stage or to maintain a certain increase in production, it will require more diligent input from farmers and Invest in scientific research and technology to improve the current soil conditions.

Regarding soil research, it has been recognized that the soil can be improved as early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Until now, researchers have been doing research on soil.

Shenyang Sanyuan Testing Center uses Shanghai Jingxin's high-energy planetary ball mill (JX-4G) for soil sample pretreatment.




This high-energy planetary ball mill is suitable for the wet and dry crushing and refining of hard, medium hardness, brittle and fibrous materials. The sample fineness can be less than 100nm. It can also be used for grinding of solids in suspension, sample mixing and Uniform treatment and metal alloying can achieve perfect and outstanding results.


Evenly treat the field soil and detect the content of heavy metals.

Experimental procedure:

1. Prepare several agate jars and agate grinding beads.

Put the prepared field soil into the agate tank of Shanghai Jingxin Soil Planetary Ball Mill (JX-4G).

2. Next, put agate grinding beads in the agate jar and cover the agate jar.

3. Put the agate canister into the JX-4G high-energy planetary ball mill in turn, and tighten the spiral on the agate canister in turn.

4. Cover the instrument cover of the planetary mill JX-4G.

5. Set the parameters, start the ball mill until the end of the grinding process,