Main structure of the needle filter

- Jun 27, 2019-

The needle filter is mainly used for the filtration of mobile phase and sample in chromatographic analysis, and has a good effect on protecting the column and the infusion pump tube system and the injection valve from contamination. Widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation and sterility testing.

1 needle filter housing material is selected from sanitary polypropylene material

The 2-needle filter product is designed with precise structure to ensure smooth filtration, reasonable internal space and low residual rate, thus reducing sample waste.

The edge of the 3-needle filter is threaded for anti-slip, and the user-friendly design makes the operator comfortable.

The 4-needle filter works with the international Zui filter manufacturer to provide the filter aperture for protection of your instrument and column.

5-needle filter stabilized filter quality, zero difference between batch and batch, to ensure the consistency of analysis results.

The 6-needle filter has a clear specification mark, eliminating the confusion

7-needle filter Luer interface with lock to prevent the filter from flying out due to excessive pressure