Moisture detector

- Aug 29, 2020-

The moisture detector is a physical property analysis instrument for quickly determining the moisture content of a substance. The moisture detector is suitable for measuring the moisture content of various low-priced electrical constant materials; especially the moisture content of ceramic plastic clay, powder, slurry and green body. The moisture detector can be used to determine the moisture content of powder, granular insoluble solids, liquids, liquid-solid, liquid-liquid and other two-phase systems, such as papermaking raw materials, textile raw materials, construction materials, agricultural and sideline products, and oils. Determination. Stable performance, high measurement accuracy, no special requirements for the environment。

Moisture analyzer refers to an instrument that can detect the moisture content of various organic and inorganic solid, liquid, gas and other samples. According to certain principles, it can be divided into two categories: chemical measurement method and physical measurement method. Weight loss method, distillation stratification method, gas chromatography analysis method, etc. are more commonly used physical measurement methods, while Karl Fischer method (Karl Fischer), toluene method, etc. are more commonly used chemical measurement methods. The Karl Fischer method is designated as the national standard for measuring trace moisture by our country, and the International Organization for Standardization also sets this method as the international standard for measuring trace moisture.

Halogen moisture analyzers, infrared moisture analyzers, microwave moisture analyzers, etc. are the more common weight loss method moisture meters.

The volumetric Karl Fischer moisture analyzer and the coulometric (coulometric method) Karl Fischer moisture analyzer are the main common Karl Fischer moisture analyzers.

Online solid moisture meter

1. Moisture meter:

Digital and analog display of moisture measurement value on high-resolution LCD. The graphical user interface and the integration of soft keys enable easy entry of entries and control of all functions. Zda can store all the parameters of eight products in a specific user memory, so when changes are made to the process product, it is easy to switch to another product.

The system is easy to receive the measured values of moisture and temperature as isolated and programmable mA signals, and the alarm outputs the Zda (Max.) and Z small (Min.) values through the isolated digital signal relay. There is also a standard serial RS232 interface (optionally converted into RS485 interface). Protocolized communication, recording and printing out of moisture and temperature measurement values, over-limit values can choose an integrated data logger.

2. Sensor:

The open circuit resonator installed in a rotation-symmetric high-grade steel flange is used to realize the measurement of moisture. High-frequency waves (which can be microwaves or waves with higher frequencies than microwaves) can measure solid materials in the high-frequency band The dielectric constant and high frequency attenuation. Therefore, the surface and capillary moisture can be measured. Wear-resistant materials are used to measure the windows, and ceramic materials and reinforced wear-resistant materials can also be selected. The sensor signal can be connected to the microwave on-line moisture meter through a shielded or optional shielded 3-core cable. 1000 meters is the maximum length of Z that the cable can reach.