Needle filter development direction

- Jul 03, 2019-

China's automatic control system, field instrument and key needle filter, and the international level as a whole still have a gap of 10 to 15 years. China's instrumentation technology breakthrough still needs a lot of clearance. At present, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, and the market competition is fierce. In the constant competition, some enterprises with outstanding innovation capabilities and advanced research and development will surely stand out. Together with the support of the Chinese government for instrument production and high-tech industries, China will be in the next few years. The overall level of the needle filter industry will be greatly improved.

Green environmental protection is the development direction of needle filter products. With the increase of emission regulations, the engine has higher requirements for the fuel filtration system, requires higher oil-water separation and filtration effects, and puts higher requirements on the filter material. Filters with all-plastic filter elements, compared to conventional spin-on filter elements, because there is no metal part in the middle, can ensure that no metal chips enter the engine system to better protect the engine.

The needle filter is a low value-added product in the auto parts industry. The product extension line and quality stability directly affect the brand life cycle. In order to win the market to a large extent, the needle filter industry is passing product innovation, technological innovation and optimization. Production time, cost savings and other means to improve product competitiveness.