nterpretation of GB 3838-2002 standard

- Apr 23, 2020-

The quality of surface water is closely related to people's living standards and physical health. It is related to the survival and reproduction of human beings and the progress of society. It is a hot issue of concern to the people. In order to implement the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China to prevent and control water pollution, protect surface water quality, protect human health, and maintain a good ecosystem, the former State Environmental Protection Administration and National Quality Supervision and Inspection The General Administration of Quarantine issued the "Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard" (GB 3838-2002), "Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard" (GB 3838-88) and "Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard" (GHZB 1-1999) Abolished at the same time.

"Surface Water Environmental Quality Standards" is mainly divided into basic items of surface water environmental quality standards, supplementary projects of centralized domestic drinking water surface water sources and specific projects of centralized domestic drinking water surface water sources.

"Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water" increased from 75 items to 109 items in the old standard, including 24 basic items for environmental quality standards for surface water, 5 supplementary items for centralized drinking water surface water sources, and centralized drinking water surface water sources 80 specific items.

Compared with GHZB1-1999 and other standards, "Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard" makes the following adjustments:

1. An indicator of total nitrogen has been added to the basic project of surface water environmental quality standards. In addition to the basic requirements and three indicators of nitrite, non-ionic ammonia and Kjeldahl chlorine, sulfate, chloride, nitrate, iron, Manganese is adjusted as a supplementary project for the surface water source of concentrated domestic drinking water;

2. GB 3838-2002 revised the standard values of seven items of pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia chloride, total phosphorus, permanganate index, lead, and fecal coliform, and added specific items of concentrated domestic drinking water surface water sources 40 items, including 1,2-dichloroethylene, 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene, chlorothalonil, barium, aniline, styrene, pyridine, acrolein, propylene Amide, butylxanthogen acid, dinitrobenzene, vanadium, cobalt, epichlorohydrin, heptachloride, yellow phosphorus, active chlorine, manacarb, formaldehyde, picric acid, phthalic acid bis (2- Ethylhexyl) ester, dibutyl phthalate, chloroprene, molybdenum, internal phosphorus, boron, beryllium, trichlorobenzene, trichloroacetaldehyde, hydrazine hydrate, tetrachlorobenzene, tetraethyl lead, Turpentine, thallium, titanium, antimony, microcystin-LR, nitrochlorobenzene, deltamethrin, acetaldehyde, cumene.

3. GB 3838-2002 deletes the standard values of specific projects except lakes and reservoirs.