PerkinElmer launch Clarus SQ8 gc instrument

- Sep 17, 2019-

Massachusetts, Waltham, focus on improving human health and the environment safety of the world's leading company PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI), today announced the launch Clarus ® SQ 8 Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) (Clarus ® SQ 8 Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometry detector (GC/MS)), set the new standard of sensitivity and stability for the industry. Sensitivity index of 800: the signal-to-noise ratio of 1, Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS in sample analysis, high sensitivity. The function to make the environment and food testing laboratory have detected the ability to lower levels of contaminants and impurities.

By minimizing the instrument calibration requirements and reduce the sample preparation and enrichment for demand, Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS to achieve the large flux and strong productivity, greatly improve the working process. PerkinElmer Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS can provide accurate results, this makes the environment and food testing laboratory in accordance with the environment and food law requires the application of continuously updated.

PerkinElmer analysis science and laboratory services President Dusty Tenney, points out that "food quality and safety is the focus on major issues, accurate analysis of pesticide residues and other pests for monitoring human health and the environment interaction is necessary. We and the world's leading environmental and food testing laboratory work closely, and new Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS, wholeheartedly provide customers with the best solutions, to meet the challenges of the industry in the market emerge in endlessly."

Based on innovative SMARTsource ™ ion source design, Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS became the most easy maintenance of GC/MS, can provide higher productivity and more uniform, reliable results, combined with a patent can be the fastest heating and cooling time and the shorter sample to sample and analyze the cycle time of the GC column temperature box, to further improve the productivity. Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS has dramatically reduced the background noise, to further improve the confidence in food testing results. Because of its sensitivity, accuracy and the stability of the long-term to provide reliable, unified performance, PerkinElmer Clarus SQ 8 as the top of the existing similar equipment.