Pipette tip packaging options

- Jul 09, 2019-

The packaging of the tips is mainly in bags and boxes. In relatively mature markets, boxed products account for the majority; in China, bagging is currently the absolute mainstream – mainly in bags. The so-called bag is to put the tip in a plastic ziplock bag, 500 or 1000 per bag (the number of bags per lot will be much less). Most users will buy the bagged tip and then manually put the tip into the tip box. Although China's labor force is relatively cheap, it also increases the chance of pollution! In addition, in recent years, a new form of packaging has emerged, which is a refill (8 or 10 plate tips stacked in a tower shape, which can be quickly loaded into the tip box without touching the tip). This type of tip requires less storage space and significantly reduces the use of plastic to achieve environmental protection. Although the domestic share of this form is still very small, it must be the general trend in the long run.