Pipette tip price selection

- Jul 10, 2019-

We first discuss the bagged tips (based on 10ul, 200ul and 1000ul, 1000 bags per bag) - the teacher told us that we must catch the main contradiction. The bag tip is mainly divided into three grades: one, the imported tip. According to the deaf people, the most expensive is EPPENDORF, a bag of 400-500 yuan, and sales slightly larger, such as BRAND, RAININ, etc., generally 100-150 yuan; Second, imported brands, domestic production (that is The so-called "fake foreign devil"). The representative brand of this grade is Axygen, its price is generally 60-80 yuan; three, domestic tips. The price range of domestic tips is generally 30-60 yuan. There are two representative products, one is the tip of Gongdong (it is better in domestic tips), and the other is the tip of Haimen (Haimen is a very important production base of plastic consumables in China. There are many tips in this place. Manufacturers, these manufacturers are usually characterized by small scale, poor production environment, poor quality control or no, but the price of their products is very low). The second is the boxed tip and the refilling tip. The price of the boxed tip is 1.5-2.5 times that of the bag tip, and the refill tip is 10-20% cheaper than the box tip.