Reagent bottle cleaning method

- Jun 22, 2019-

Method one:

1. Rinse the tap water several times;

2, placed in a beaker with pure water, ultrasonic for 15 minutes;

3, change the water, and then ultrasonic for 15 minutes;

4. Soak in a beaker filled with absolute ethanol;

5, finally take out the natural air dry

Method Two:

1. Soak with methanol and ultrasonically clean for 20 minutes, then pour the methanol;

2. Fill the injection bottle with water, ultrasonically clean for 20 minutes, then pour the water dry;

3. After the sample bottle is dried.

Method three:

1. Generally, it is first rinsed with water and then immersed in potassium dichromate wash solution.

2. The washing method of the injection bottle is the same as the other ones. First, use medical alcohol to infuse for more than 4 hours, then ultrasonic for half an hour, then pour out the medical alcohol, use water for half an hour, rinse with water. After drying, it will be fine.