Reliable Performance Analysis Highly Efficient High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

- Dec 30, 2019-

Award body: Agilent 6546 Q-TOF LC/MS system

Award Name: Reliable Performance Analysis Highly Efficient High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Reasons for winning: The 6546 Q-TOF LC/MS system combines all aspects of superior analytical performance to provide an unprecedented measure of reliability. This allows for broader screening, more complete analysis and reliable results.

Speed: The 6546 Q-TOF LC/MS system maintains high resolution at any speed. From a low 3 Hz acquisition rate in MS mode to a 30 Hz high acquisition rate in targeted MS/MS and data-independent Q-RAI acquisition modes, resolution and speed are balanced without compromise! Provide reliable identification results and reduce false positive/false negative rates.

Dynamic range: Dynamic range within the spectrum of more than 5 orders of magnitude, supporting detection of low abundance compounds in the vicinity of the highest concentration of compounds.

Mass accuracy: Mass accuracy (error) is usually less than 1 ppm and excellent stability over long periods of time and wide abundance. It is suitable for simultaneous analysis of high, medium and low concentrations, responsive compounds, and ensures a stable response when analyzing large numbers of samples.

Resolution: A resolution of at least 30,000 can be achieved over the entire mass range, with a resolution of more than 60,000 at high quality numbers, and is unaffected by acquisition rate or abundance. Improve data quality and test the ability to detect more compounds in one analysis

Non-targeted sensitivity: All compounds can be detected in MS mode, and fragment information for identification can be detected when Q-RAI is used

Isotope fidelity: Accurate isotope ratio measurements are of great value for reliable compound identification, minimizing false positive rates, and improving molecular structure and molecular match.

Regardless of the analysis, the 6546 Q-TOF LC/MS system provides you with the mass accuracy and quantitative precision required for your results. The 6546 Q-TOF LC/MS system uses a capillary platen valve to clean the capillary without venting the instrument. This allows for longer uptime during routine maintenance and more results every time.