Signs of New Coronavirus found in sea water samples

- Oct 22, 2020-

The new crown virus seems to be everywhere. According to foreign media reports, in September this year, researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine at Duluth found “signs of the new crown virus” in water samples taken from the beach for the first time.

According to reports, in order to better understand how the new coronavirus survives in the water and whether it will spread in the water, since July, researchers from the school have collected water samples from 8 different beaches in Duluth and conducted Related experiments.

According to the report, in September of this year, researchers detected trace amounts of "SARS-CoV, which causes new coronary pneumonia, in water samples from Brighton Beach, 42nd Avenue East Beach, Franklin Park Beach, and Leif Erickson Park Beach. -2" the traces of the virus (new coronavirus).

   However, the levels of the new coronavirus in these water samples are very low. The Tribune Star quoted researchers as saying that the new coronavirus detected in these water samples was "10,000 times lower" than the level detected in wastewater.

The specific source of the virus is not yet known. Dr. Richard Melvin, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine at Duluth, believes that swimmers are spreading the virus into the beach water. But Melvin also said that there is currently no evidence that the new coronavirus will spread through water. Fox News said that previously, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also stated that there is no evidence that the "SARS-CoV-2" virus (new coronavirus) can be transmitted to humans through water.