Technical specification for operation and maintenance of water pollution source online monitoring system

- Jul 21, 2020-

The Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration intends to approve the release of the local standard "Technical Specifications for the Operation and Maintenance of Water Pollution Source Online Monitoring System", which is now publicly announced. The deadline for publicity is July 6, 2020.


This technical specification stipulates the requirements for the operation and maintenance and quality assurance of the online monitoring system for water pollution sources.

This technical specification is applicable to the operation and maintenance of each component of the water pollution source online monitoring system in Shandong Province (CODCr, TOC, NH3-N, TP, TN, pH, flow rate, automatic sampler and data acquisition transmission instrument and other monitoring equipment).

Normative references: "GB/T 19001  Quality Management System Requirement", "HJ/T 91   Surface Water and Wastewater Monitoring Technical Specifications", "HJ 354   Water Pollution Source Online Monitoring System (CODCr, NH3-N, etc.) Acceptance Technical Specifications" , "GB 18597  Pollution Control Standards for Hazardous Waste Storage", etc.

Water pollution source online monitoring system

The system consists of software and hardware facilities that implement wastewater flow monitoring, wastewater water sample collection, wastewater water sample analysis, and analysis data statistics and uploading, including automatic water quality monitors, flow monitors, automatic water quality samplers, data collection and transmission systems, and stations Houses, auxiliary facilities and automatic monitoring platforms for pollution sources, etc.

Routine operation and maintenance content


Open channel flowmeter

Open channel flowmeter operation and maintenance content mainly includes:

a) Check the water measuring weir groove, there should be no deformation, corrosion, damage, weir groove water flow state should be free flow, smooth drainage;

b) Check the ultrasonic probe, it should be installed and fixed firmly to ensure that there is no object that interferes with the measurement between the probe and the water surface, and clean up the interferences that affect the flow measurement in the weir

c) Check the flowmeter parameters, the flowmeter weir slot model, size parameters, and probe distance settings should be consistent with the actual.

Pipe Flowmeter

Check whether the setting of the inner diameter of the flowmeter instrument pipe is consistent with the actual situation, and the transmission error of the flow analog signal should be less than 1 ‰.

Monitoring station environment and auxiliary facilities

Check the station house environment and auxiliary facilities. Check whether the station house is tidy and clean, and whether the station house temperature, relative humidity, lightning protection, and earthquake resistance meet the requirements of HJ 354.

Check whether the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), air conditioning, video access control monitoring system, water supply and drainage facilities, and lightning protection facilities are operating normally. The fire extinguishers should be within the validity period.

Water quality automatic online analyzer

Water sample collection unit

The operation and maintenance contents of the water sample collection unit mainly include:

a) Check the water sample collection unit, the sampling probe should be installed and fixed firmly, the sampling pipeline should be unobstructed, no damage or change, the sampling pump pumping force and water seal should be normal, the sampling pipeline adopts anti-freezing measures, the ambient temperature is below 0 ℃ The heat tracing system should operate normally. Using an automatic sampler, test the functions of water sample mixing and mixing, water sample refrigeration, automatic cleaning and emptying to ensure the normal operation of the system. Check whether the blowback and cleaning pipelines are normal;

b) Every 30 days, the motor, solenoid valve, sensor, sampling pump, and over-standard sample retention function of the water sample collection unit should be manually tested to ensure that the equipment works normally. Check and clean the pipelines, mixing barrels, sample retention barrels, filters and other facilities to keep them clean;

c) The sampling pump should be maintained every 90 days, and the peristaltic pump tube should be replaced in time.

Dosing unit

The operation and maintenance contents of the dosing and metering unit mainly include:

a) In manual or maintenance state, check the dosing and metering unit, the pump body should work normally, the pump tube should be smooth and no aging phenomenon, the power supply of the solenoid valve should be normal, the circuit should not be aging, the flow path of each valve body should be smooth, no Corrosion, liquid leakage, dripping, air leakage, reagents and water samples should be able to be extracted and discharged normally;

b) Check the peristaltic pump tube at least once every 30 days. If there is squeezing deformation or air leakage, the pump tube should be moved or replaced in time. If the site is a TOC water quality analyzer, the syringe plug and O-ring should be checked for leaks;

c) Replace the peristaltic pump tube at least once every 90 days to check the accuracy of the dosing metering. When the peristaltic pump tube is replaced or the dosing metering is abnormal, the home drug metering device should be corrected.

Pre-processing unit

The operation and maintenance content of the pretreatment unit mainly includes:

a) Check the sample heating digestion device, the digestion time and digestion temperature should be set correctly, the heater can quickly heat to the set temperature, the digestion temperature of the COD water quality analyzer should not be less than 165 ℃, the digestion time should not be less than 10 minutes, the total The digestion temperature of the nitrogen water quality analyzer should not be lower than 120 ℃, and the temperature of the flow cell for measuring ammonia nitrogen by electrode method should not be lower than 35 ℃;

b) Check the digestion cup to ensure that there is no crystallization, scaling, liquid leakage, and there is no boiling or bubbling when heating;

c) Check the sample cooling device, it should be able to operate normally to ensure the cooling effect.

pH water quality automatic analyzer

Clean the pH electrode with acid solution at least once every 30 days, check whether the electrode is passivated, and calibrate or replace it if necessary.


Conduct at least one on-site water temperature comparison test every 30 days, and calibrate or replace if necessary.