The most intelligent liquid chromatography detector

- Dec 23, 2019-

Winner: Agilent InfiniteLab LCMSD iQ

Award Name: The most intelligent liquid chromatography detector

Reasons for winning: Agilent's LC/MSD iQ quality selective detectors are designed to be easy to use and more flexible, while maintaining consistent and reliable operation. Automatically setting optimal MS parameters based on LC conditions maximizes efficiency and provides chromatographic workers with a worry-free mass spectrometer operating experience.

Agilent's new InfinityLab LC/MSD iQ provides new users with a more intuitive mass spectrometer that maximizes the confidence of the results. The LC/MSD iQ is designed for the chromatographer to reduce the complexity of the mass spectrometer operation without compromising the ease of use, stability and reliability of the instrument. Combining OpenLabCDS software, adding a mass spectrometer from the HPLC stack is easy!

LC/MSD iQ is marked by “smart” and is manifested in many aspects – intelligent reminder maintenance, intelligent auto-tuning instrument, intelligent automatic editing acquisition method, etc.