These 79 types of goods are no longer subject to tariffs

- May 29, 2020-

Just now, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council has just announced the second exclusion list for the second batch of goods subject to tariffs imposed on the United States. The article points out that, according to the Announcement of the State Council ’s Tariff Commission on Trial Implementation of the Exclusion of Tariff Commodities from the United States (Tax Commission Announcement [2019] No. 2), with the approval of the State Council, the State Council ’s Tariff Commission issued the second batch of tariffs The second exclusion list of commodities, for the second batch of goods subject to tariffs imposed on the United States, and the exclusion of some of the goods for the second time, from May 19, 2020 to May 18, 2021, I will no longer levy me to counter US 301 The tariff imposed by the measure. For the refund of the levied duties and taxes, the relevant import enterprise shall apply to the customs for processing within 6 months from the date of publication of the exclusion list. The second batch of remaining commodities that impose tariffs on the United States will not be excluded for the time being.

For the products that are not included in the first and second batch of products subject to tariff exemption from the United States, enterprises may follow the “Announcement of the State Council ’s Tariff Commission on Carrying out the Market-based Procurement and Exclusion of Products Subject to Customs Addition to the United States” (Tax Commission Announcement [2020 〕 No. 2), apply for market-based procurement exclusion

Serial number EX① Tax code number column ② Product name


25070010 Kaolin


25120010 Diatomite


25199091 Chemically pure magnesium oxide


25262020 Natural talc that has been crushed or powdered


25309020 Rare Earth Metal Ore


26161000 silver ore and its concentrate

7 ex 26169000 gold ore

8 ex 28046190 Other polysilicon with silicon content> 99.9999999% (except solar grade polysilicon, polysilicon waste and scrap)


28100020 Boric acid


28181090 Other artificial corundum


28401100 Anhydrous sodium tetraborate


28401900 Other sodium tetraborate

13 ex 28439000 precious metal amalgam

14 ex 28439000 Other precious metal compounds (whether or not chemically defined), except for palladium chloride and platinum compounds

15 ex 28444090 Other radioactive elements, isotopes and their compounds (radioactive elements other than subheadings 2844.10, 2844.20, 2844.30, isotopes), alloys, dispersions (including cermets), ceramic products and mixtures containing these elements, isotopes and their compounds . The following exceptions: Uranium-233 and its compounds (including various materials in the form of metals, alloys, compounds or concentrates); mixtures of tritium, tritiated compounds and tritium, and products containing any of the above [tritium-hydrogen atoms Ratio> 1 ‰, excluding products containing tritium (in any form) <1.48 × 103GBq]; helium-3 (3He), mixtures containing helium-3 (excluding products with helium-3 content <1g) ; Radioactive nuclides emitting alpha particles with an alpha half-life of 10 days or longer but less than 200 years (1. Elemental; 2. Compounds containing any such radionuclides with a total alpha activity of 37 GBq / kg or greater ; 3. Contain any such activity with a total activity of 37GBq / kg or greater

  A mixture of radionuclides; 4. Products containing any of the above substances, excluding products containing alpha activity less than 3.7 GBq)


28459000 Other isotopes and their compounds other than heading 2844


28500012 boron nitride


29032990 Other unsaturated chlorinated derivatives of acyclic hydrocarbons


29033990 Fluorinated, brominated or iodinated derivatives of other acyclic hydrocarbons


29051990 Other saturated monohydric alcohols

21 ex 29053990 1,3-propanediol

twenty two

29054400 sorbitol

23 ex 29159000 Other saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acid and its anhydride [(acid halide, peroxy) compound, peroxy acid and its halogenated, nitrate

  , Sulfonated, nitrosated derivatives], except for thatch, chlorfenapyr, tetrafluoropropionic acid and sodium fluoroacetate

twenty four

29182900 Other derivatives containing phenolic groups but not containing other oxygen-containing carboxylic acids and their anhydrides

25 ex 29269090 adiponitrile

26 ex 29319000 triethyl tin sulfate, dibutyl tin oxide, etc. (including dibutyl tin oxide, triethyl tin acetate, triethyl ethyl

  Acid tin)


29333100pyridine and its salts

28 ex 29336990 simazine, atrazine, promethazine, caodajin, etc. (including tebutin, cyperazine, ciprozine, ganpo

  Tianjin, Licorice)


29371210 Recombinant human insulin and its salts


38030000 tall oil

31 ex 38089400 medical disinfectant


38112100 Lubricating oil additives containing petroleum or oil extracted from bituminous minerals


38180019 Single crystal silicon wafers with a diameter of 381px that have been doped for use in the electronics industry and have been cut into disks and other shapes


38180090 Other doped chemical elements used in the electronics industry have been cut into discs and other shapes;

  Industrial compounds


56031290 25g < ≤70g per square meter of other chemical fiber filament non-woven fabrics


56031310 70g < per square meter≤150g impregnated chemical fiber filament non-woven fabric


56031390 70g < per square meter≤150g other chemical fiber filament non-woven fabric

38 ex 59119000 self-adhesive round polishing pad for semiconductor wafer manufacturing


68042110 Grinding wheels made of viscous or natural diamond


68042190 Other stone mills, stone mills and similar products made of viscous polymer or natural diamond


68151000 Non-electrical graphite or other carbon products


69091100 Laboratory, chemical or other technical ceramics


69091200 Laboratory, chemical or other technical supplies with Mohs hardness of 9 or above


70071110 Toughened safety glass for aerospace and marine


73181510 Screws and bolts with a tensile strength of 800 MPa and above, whether or not with nuts or washers


74101100 Refined copper foil without backing


74101210 Copper or German silver copper foil without backing


74102110 Copper clad laminate for printed circuit


75052200 Nickel alloy wire


75062000 Nickel alloy plate, sheet, strip, foil


75071200 Nickel alloy tube


76082010 Aluminum alloy tubes with an outer diameter not exceeding 10 cm


81089040 Titanium tube


85013100 DC motors and generators with output power not exceeding 750 watts


85015200 Multi-phase AC motors with output power exceeding 750 watts but not exceeding 75 kW


85044014 DC power supply with power less than 1 kilowatt and accuracy less than 1 in 10,000


85044091 Semiconductor module with inverter function (static converter)


85052000 Electromagnetic coupling, clutch and brake


85073000 nickel-cadmium battery


85112010 Ignition magneto, permanent magnet DC generator, magnetic flywheel for locomotive, aircraft and ship


85113010 Distributors and ignition coils for locomotives, aircraft and ships

62 ex 85143000 Electric arc remelting furnace, electric arc melting furnace and electric arc melting casting furnace (capacity 1000-20000 cm3, use

  Consumption electrode, working temperature above 1700 ℃)


85168000 heating resistor


85177060 Laser transceiver module of optical communication equipment


85258011 Special purpose TV camera


85258021 Special purpose digital camera


85261010 Radar equipment for navigation

68 ex 85261090 aircraft airborne radar (including weather radar, terrain radar and air traffic control response system)


85291010 Antenna or antenna reflector and its parts for radar and radio navigation equipment


85299050 Radar equipment and other parts for radio navigation equipment


85371011 Programmable controller for lines not exceeding 1000 volts

72 ex 85371090 digital controller (specially used for electric vibration test system with number 84789899.59)


85392120 Tungsten halogen lamp for train, aircraft and ship


85392190 Other halogen lamps


85394900 UV lamp or infrared bulb


85407910 governor tube

77 ex 85437099 flight data recorder, reporter


85439021 Parts for general signal generator with output signal frequency less than 1500 MHz

79 ex 85489000 non-electromagnetic interference filter