Ultra-clean workbench

- Jun 26, 2020-

The clean bench, also known as the clean bench, is designed to adapt to the cleanliness requirements of the local work area in the fields of modern industry, optoelectronics industry, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research and experiment. It sucks air into the pre-filter through the fan, enters the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box and filters, and sends out the filtered air in the state of vertical or horizontal airflow, so that the operation area reaches 100-level cleanliness and the production is clean to the environment. The requirements are guaranteed.

In the Chinese market, there are many types of ultra-clean tables. Their classification is usually based on the size and style of use. Single-sided tables, single-sided tables, double-sided tables, double-sided tables, etc. are all So. However, the classification will be quite different according to the manufacturer and quality.

1. Before purchasing the ultra-clean platform, some basic conditions of the seller of the ultra-clean platform, such as the existence of bad behavior, whether there is a very good after-sale, good service to understand the side.

2. No matter how the sales staff recommends the ultra-clean table, you must first understand the fan (vertical air supply, horizontal air supply) and filter of the ultra-clean table, because the technical level of the products in the industry is represented by these two products. There is no way to deceive people. Compared with foreign products, the technology of domestic fans and high-efficiency air filters is still far away. Therefore, imported filters and fans are usually used by domestically produced high-dang products.

3. The standards and test methods defined by the filter are different in different countries. Therefore, when purchasing, you can have requirements on the filtration efficiency of the micron particles provided by the supplier. If the particles are smaller, the higher Filtering efficiency, the better the performance. It is worth noting that the photon counting method is a commonly used test method in the world, and the sodium flame method is a commonly used test method in China, so you only need to select the appropriate ultra-clean table according to your needs.

4. Choose a few more companies to compare the quality, after-sales, brand, word of mouth, etc., so that relatively safe products can be selected.

The clean bench, also known as the clean bench, is designed to adapt to the cleanliness requirements of the local work area in the fields of modern industry, optoelectronics industry, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research and experiment. It sucks air into the pre-filter through the fan, enters the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box and filters, and sends out the filtered air in the state of vertical or horizontal airflow, so that the operation area reaches 100-level cleanliness and the production is clean to the environment. The requirements are guaranteed.

Structural characteristics of biological (medical) ultra-clean workbench

1. The strict cleaning requirements for dust particles and colony counts in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries can be met by the unique air return design of the biological clean bench.

2. The split design of vertical table and box body, the impact of vibration is reduced to the lowest.

3. The high-quality cold-rolled steel plate is used to make the whole box, the working table is made of sanded stainless steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with static electricity.

4. Control the wind speed at about 0.42m / s.

5. The initial high-efficiency two-stage filtration is used, with 100 being the high-efficiency filtration efficiency and purification level, and G4 being the initial-efficiency filtration efficiency.

6. The vertical air supply from top to bottom is the airflow direction.

7. The products have a relatively high reliability, and are all shipped after inspection according to the US Federal Standard 209E.

8. Biological operation configuration: the sewage interface is arranged at the bottom of the workbench, and the exhaust air is set larger than the high-efficiency filter.

9. Full-circulation airflow design, when a large amount of fresh air is added to the work area, part of the return air can be discharged from the top air outlet.

10. The spring type up and down sliding door is equipped before and after the worktable, which is convenient and flexible.

11. Air curtain isolation design to avoid cross contamination inside and outside.

12. 2KW spare socket is equipped to provide convenience for the operator.

13. The use of low-noise and high-efficiency centrifugal fan has the advantages of stepless speed regulation, low vibration and low noise.

Structure characteristics of ordinary ultra-clean workbench

1. The workbench controller can be used to adjust the fan speed to obtain different air volume, and can independently control the lighting lamp and sterilization lamp.

2. The sterilization function of the workbench is achieved by using an ultraviolet lamp. The strong ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 2537A can be radiated through the ultraviolet lamp. In addition to killing the living cells of microorganisms, it can also kill spores with strong heat resistance Other bacterial spores, mold spores, etc. In addition, it can also quickly destroy phages and viruses.

3. It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by bending and welding


Biological purification

It is applied in the dust-free and aseptic operation in the pharmaceutical, biological, electronic and other industries, which can effectively avoid the pollution of the product during the production process.


1. Suitable for variable air volume air supply system, with high and low gear speeds.

2. The lighting and sterilization system can be adjusted, can operate reliably, and has more energy consumption.

3. The digital display control interface makes the design more user-friendly.

4. Flexible and convenient, with universal casters, it can move freely.

5. Shock-absorbing separation worktable.

6. The upper and lower sliding door glass has a novel structure and is very convenient for observation.

7. Horizontal unidirectional flow of air supply.

8. In the protection of clean air flow, the pollution of the items can be effectively avoided.

Horizontal flow purification

The horizontal flow clean bench has been widely used in scientific research and production departments that require local clean working environment in industries such as electronics, national defense precision instruments, meters, bio-pharmaceuticals, food, sterile microbiological testing, plant tissue culture inoculation, etc. It is a versatile air purification equipment, it can provide a local high-clean environment, and its use has a very good effect on the improvement of process conditions, resulting in increased yield and product quality.

Vertical flow purification

The vertical unidirectional flow purification principle is provided by a vertical flow clean bench, which forms a single integrated unit structure including a low-noise centrifugal fan, a static pressure box, and a high-efficiency filter. The impact of vibration can be reduced by using a separate table. It can provide a local high-clean environment, and its use has a very good effect on the improvement of process conditions, resulting in increased yield and improved product quality.


1. The steel plate of the cabinet is sprayed with light and flat, 304 stainless steel operating table.

2. Adopt adjustable air volume and low noise fan system to ensure that the wind speed in the working area is always in an ideal state.

3. Cleanliness CLASS100 conforms to ISO1466-1 international standards


The ability to operate with ease and comfort, and a relatively high working efficiency are the advantages of the ultra-clean bench. There is a relatively short preparation time, which can be operated after being turned on for more than 10 minutes, and can be used at any time. In factory production, there is a relatively large workload, and when it takes a long time to work, it is ideal as an equipment. The blowing power of the ultra-clean platform is provided by a three-phase motor with a power of about 145 to 260W. Blowing out air through a super filter composed of laminated microporous foam sheets, a continuous dust-free and sterile ultra-clean air laminar flow, that is, special air, which will dust, fungi and dust with a size of about 0.3μm Bacteria spores, etc. are removed, 24 ~ 30m / min is the flow rate of ultra-clean air, so it can prevent the pollution caused by the nearby air attack, such a flow rate will not cause burning of instruments such as alcohol or Bunsen Burning disinfection is hindered. However, if there is a sudden power failure during operation, the work should be ended.

the difference

According to the direction of the airflow, the ultra-clean workbench can be divided into a vertical-flow ultra-clean workbench and a horizontal-flow ultra-clean workbench. The vertical-flow workbench fan is located at the top and has relatively large noise. The application of the vertical-flow workbench in medical engineering is comparative Many, vertical winds ensure the health of people. The horizontal flow table has relatively low noise, and the wind direction is outward, and it is used more in the electronics industry.

1. The horizontal laminar flow ultra-clean workbench is a local clean workbench, which has strong versatility and is widely used in the fields of electronics, national defense, precision instruments, instrumentation, and pharmaceutical industries.

2. The vertical laminar flow ultra-clean workbench and the vertical unidirectional flow ultra-clean workbench are widely used in areas that require local cleanliness, such as laboratories, biopharmaceuticals, optoelectronics industry, microelectronics, and hard disk manufacturing.

The experiment needs to be satisfied by both horizontal air supply and vertical air supply tables. The air flow pattern is the main issue to be considered. According to the experiment, see which air supply form has the smallest effect on the experiment.


The ultra-clean platform power supply generally adopts three-phase four-wire, one of which has a neutral wire, which is connected to the machine shell, and should be firmly connected to the ground wire. The phase wire is the other three wires, and 380V is the working voltage. There is a certain order to connect the three wires to the circuit. If the wrong wire is connected, the wind will reverse. At this time, the sound is normal or a bit abnormal. The power should be cut off in time. Just exchange any two of the wires and then connect Can solve it. If the three-phase line only connects two phases, or one of the three phases is in poor contact, the machine will make a very abnormal sound. The power should be cut off immediately and carefully checked, otherwise the motor will be burned. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents and losses, the common sense should be explained clearly to the staff when using the ultra-clean platform.

Below the back or front is the air inlet of the ultra-clean platform. A common foam plastic sheet or non-woven fabric is located in the metal mesh cover to block large particles of dust. It should be checked, disassembled and washed frequently. If something happens, it should be replaced in time. If there are air leakage holes other than the air inlet, they should be plugged tightly by means of adhesive tape, cotton plugging, and adhesive paper.

The super filter is located in the metal mesh cover on the front of the workbench, and the super filter can also be replaced. If the service life is long, the dust particles are blocked, the wind speed is reduced, and the aseptic operation cannot be guaranteed, then Can be replaced with new ones.

The cleanliness of the air is related to the service life of the ultra-clean bench. In temperate regions, the ultra-clean bench can be used in general laboratories, but in tropical or subtropical regions, because there are a lot of pollen in the atmosphere, or some areas are dusty, it should be placed in a better indoor room with double doors Ultra clean table. Under no circumstances should the air inlet hood of the ultra-clean bench be placed against an open door or window to avoid affecting the service life of the filter. The sterile room should be regularly dusted and disinfected with 70% alcohol or 0.5% phenol spray, and the countertops and utensils should be wiped with 2% Xin Jie Er Jie.


When checking and maintaining, please unplug the power plug first. It is very important to carry out maintenance after daily operations in order to maintain the technical performance of the workbench and the initial settings of the equipment. If you despise the following items, it will reduce the performance of the equipment and the operation of the workbench is not in good condition.

1. The structure adopted by this workbench is that the negative pressure area surrounds all positive pressure pollution areas.

2. Before sterilizing the workbench, formaldehyde should be checked with the "soap bubble" method to avoid formaldehyde leakage.

3. Normally, the wind speed in the work area is measured regularly with an anemometer once every two months. If it does not meet the technical parameter requirements, the power supply voltage of the fan can be adjusted.

4. When the fan voltage is adjusted to the maximum, and the wind speed in the working area still does not meet the requirements of the technical parameters, then the air supply high-efficiency filter must be replaced, and when the air supply high-efficiency filter is replaced Replace the high-efficiency exhaust filter. After the replacement is completed, when using a dust particle counter to check whether the four surrounding seals are in good condition, if there is a leak, the sealant needs to be sealed.

5. Although no special maintenance is required for the fan, a regular inspection is good.

6. When replacing the high-efficiency filter, pay attention to the following points

(1) Stop the machine first, sterilize the workbench, and then replace the supply / exhaust high-efficiency filter.

(2) When replacing the high-efficiency filter, especially when unpacking, transporting and installing, the filter paper should be protected to make it intact, and the filter paper is not allowed to be touched by hand.

(3) Before installation, point the new high-efficiency filter to the bright place and the new high-efficiency filter to the bright place. Observe with the naked eye. If there is a hole, it cannot be used.

(4) When installing, the direction of the wind direction of the workbench and the direction of the arrow mark on the high-efficiency filter should be the same, and you need to pay attention.


Ultra-clean workbench is a kind of local clean workbench, which has strong versatility, and it has been widely used in electronics, LED, circuit board, national defense, precision instruments, meters, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The cold-rolled steel plate multi-layer electrostatic spraying is the outer box material of the ultra-clean workbench, and the sanded stainless steel plate is the countertop. The transparent laminated glass baffle is equipped on both sides of the countertop, which makes the working area more spacious and bright. Cold rolled steel plate (A3 plate) and stainless steel plate (SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, etc.) are commonly used for making ultra-clean workbench. The thickness is usually 0.8 ~ 1.5 mm. The ultra-clean workbench has high requirements for welder welding technology and grinding technology. Belongs to thin plate welding.

The high-efficiency filter without partition is arranged in the ultra-clean workbench. The separators without separators mainly use hot sol, which is quite convenient for mechanized production. And its advantages are uniform wind speed, stable efficiency, light weight, small volume, and easy installation. It is configured on one of the ultra-clean workbenches as one of the best purification and filtration equipment using Zui. The working environment determines the replacement cycle of the high-efficiency filter in the ultra-clean workbench. Eight to twelve months is the general replacement cycle.

The ultra-clean workbench can be configured according to the process requirements, the ultra-clean workbench can be used independently, and the 100-stage ultra-clean flow assembly line can be composed of multiple units in series. The lighting is arranged in the working area of the ultra-clean workbench, so that the illumination illuminance is sufficiently guaranteed. 220V / 50HZ is the power supply.

The collection of 0.3um and below particulate dust and various suspended solids is the main role of high-efficiency filters, and 99.99% is the filtration efficiency. The filter material uses ultra-fine glass fiber paper, and the dividing plate uses offset paper, aluminum film and other materials.