water safety

- Mar 19, 2020-

Program summary

The online SPE large-volume sampling system has the characteristics of automation of pretreatment process, short sample processing time, large throughput, and strong versatility. To expand the application data development project of the online SPE large-volume sampling system, set up the system for drinking water Chinese pesticides method development to demonstrate the unique advantages of the online SPE large volume sampling system.

Scheme details

In this experiment, Shimadzu online SPE large volume injection and LCMS-8050 combined system were used to establish a detection method for 11 pesticide residues in water. This method uses acidic conditions (0.1% formic acid aqueous solution) to load samples, and the injection volume is 5 mL. It takes 14 minutes to complete the online sample enrichment and separation analysis process. The method is in the linear range: dimethoate, furandan, atrazine 4.0-160.0 ng / L; dichlorvos, pentachlorophenol 200.0-8000.0 ng / L; methyl parathion, chlorpyrifos 500.0-8000.0 ng / L; Parathion, parathion, fenapyl, 2,4-drop 20.0-800.0 ng / L have good linearity, and the correlation coefficients are all greater than 0.999. The instrument detection limits and quantification limits of the 11 pesticides are: detection The limit is 0. 44-76.01 ng / L; the limit of quantification is 1.76-304.04 ng / L. In precision experiments, the relative quasi deviations of the retention times and peak areas of the 11 pesticides were between 0.02% -0.14% and 0.41% -3.92%. The recoveries of 11 pesticides were between 58.9-111.2%.