What are the reasons for the needle filter being favored?

- Jun 29, 2019-

The needle filter has a good development prospect in the market and has been widely used in the market. It has attracted the purchase of consumers. The needle filter industry is a high-tech and highly integrated equipment industry. For the filtration of mobile phase and sample in chromatographic analysis, it has a good effect on protecting the column and the infusion pump tube system and injection valve from contamination. Widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation and sterility testing. Throughout the years of development, China's needle filter technology is constantly upgrading and improving, and its share in the international market is also growing, and it is favored by consumers.

1, a clear specification mark, eliminating the confusion of confusion, the filter shell material is selected from sanitary polypropylene material

2, the product structure design is precise, to ensure the smooth flow, the internal space is rationalized, the residual rate is very low, thus reducing the waste of the sample.

3. One of the shortcomings of the traditional filter is that it is easy to blast. This product has been specially designed to withstand burst pressures up to 7 bar.

4, the edge of the filter with thread, anti-slip effect, user-friendly design, the operator is handy.

5, stable filter quality, zero difference between batch and batch, to ensure the consistency of the analysis results.