Working principle of ultrapure water machine

- Jul 28, 2020-

In order to obtain more accurate data results in many experiments, ultra-pure water is needed to eliminate the detection errors caused by impurities in the water quality. Mass production of ultrapure water is generally achieved using an ultrapure water machine. How does the ultrapure water machine convert tap water or other low-standard water into water that meets the experimental requirements? How does it work? How does it work? Everyone share the working principle of UPU ultrapure water machine.

The ultrapure water machine uses membrane water treatment technology to prepare ultrapure water. There are four main key parts in the instrument, which are precision filter element, activated carbon filter element, reverse osmosis membrane and ultra-purification column.

   After the tap water or groundwater enters the instrument through the pipeline, it is firstly pre-processed through a precision filter element and an activated carbon filter element to filter out particulate matter such as sediment, and absorb odors, so that the water quality becomes pure. Subsequently, the pretreated water is purified and desalted by the reverse osmosis membrane device to obtain purified water. The purified water enters the storage tank for storage, and the waste water (commonly known as "concentrated water") generated by the reverse osmosis device is discharged at the same time. At this time, the water quality can already reach the national three-level water standard, so-called pure water.

   If you want to get ultrapure water, you also need to pass the pure water obtained above through an ultrapurification column. The ultrapurification column can be deeply desalted, so that you can get first-grade water, that is, ultrapure water. If the user has special requirements, ultraviolet sterilization or microfiltration, ultrafiltration and other devices can be added after the ultra-purification column to remove residual bacteria, micro-particles, heat sources, etc. in the water.

Pretreatment system:

   1. Use PP polypropylene fiber filter to remove rust and sediment in water;

  2. Use high-efficiency columnar activated carbon filter element with carbon content up to 80% to absorb residual chlorine, heterochromatic, organic matter and other impurities in the source water;

   3. Reverse osmosis system device, American original system, treated with reverse osmosis water

Post-processing system:

   1. Use ultra-purification column to carry out deep desalination treatment to obtain ultra-pure water

   2. Adopt ultraviolet sterilization instrument to effectively reduce TOC and sterilize;

   3. Adopt the atomic level ion exchange resin specially used for high-purity water of American ROHMHASS company to remove anion and cation in water;

   4. Terminal ultrafiltration to ensure the removal of bacteria, etc.

The working mode and principle of the laboratory ultrapure water machine are introduced here for everyone. Whether it is tap water or groundwater, after the above steps are processed, it can be converted into ultrapure water for experiment. Youpu has developed and produced ultra-pure water machines for nearly two decades. The applied membrane water treatment technology has obtained national patent certification. Each water treatment link has undergone a large number of experiments and customer tests. You can use it with confidence.