you win prize essay

- Mar 13, 2020-

Analytik Jena was founded in 1990, formerly the analytical instrument department of Carl-Zeiss Jena GmbH, and has a history of more than 170 years in the field of precision instrument manufacturing. Jena has always been committed to technological innovation in the field of optical technology and manufacturing. After nearly 30 years of development, Jena, Germany has become a professional analytical instrument company with many patented technologies and adhering to the quality of German manufacturing. "Quality makes extraordinary" is the tenet of Jena Company, and its products have been favored by users in many fields for its superior precision, reliability, and stability.

In order to thank and give back to the majority of users for their trust and support for Jena in Germany, and to track the latest research progress and application hotspots in the field of analytical instruments in order to provide users with more professional technical support and promote the development of analytical instruments, An award-winning essay on the theme of "You Win" was held in Jena, Germany. After the event, we will select a batch of outstanding articles and judge the "First, Second, and Third Prizes" according to the rankings. The winners will get a beautiful gift. At the same time, they can participate as special guests to participate in the 2020 user conference in Jena, Germany. The time and place will be notified separately. The rest of the manuscripts who provide the manuscript and are finally included will receive a beautiful gift.