Differences In Water Safety Testing

- Jul 12, 2019-

Safety testing is the process of verifying a product's compliance with safety requirements definitions and product quality standards during the life cycle of an IT software product, particularly from the time the product development is completed to the release stage.

1. Different goals: The test aims to find the BUG, and the safety test aims to find the safety hazard.

2. Assume different conditions: The test assumes that the data causing the problem is caused by the user's carelessness. The interface generally only considers the user interface. Security testing assumes that the data that caused the problem is constructed by the attacker and needs to consider all possible attack paths.

3. Different thinking domains: Testing is based on the functions of the system. The thinking domain of security testing includes not only the functions of the system, but also the mechanism of the system, the external environment, the security risks and security attributes of the application and the data itself.

4. The problem discovery mode is different: the test is based on the violation of the function definition. Security testing is based on violations of permissions and capabilities.