How To Choose PCR Sealing Film

- Jul 23, 2019-

1. Ordinary PCR sealing film:

Suitable for PCR reactions, made of polypropylene film

RNase/DNase and nucleic acid free

Easy to seal, not easy to curl

Operating temperature -40 ° C - +120 ° C can be operated

2. Fluorescent quantitative PCR sealing film:

Transparent, low autofluorescence interference, suitable for quantitative PCR experiments

Suitable for all kinds of PCR plates, not for puncture film

DNase/RNase and nucleic acid free, anti-DMSO

Easy to seal, not easy to curl

Working temperature -70 °C--+100 °C

3. PCR aluminum sealing film

Non-permeable soft aluminum film, adhesive is a medical grade strong adhesive suitable for long-term preservation of samples

Compared with other aluminum sealing film, this film has less curl when it is peeled off from the board.

Excellent anti-evaporation performance, almost no evaporation of sample, easy to pierce

DNase/RNase and nucleic acid free

Suitable for a variety of PCR plates, including plates with raised edges