Note On The Use Of Laboratory Equipment

- Jul 27, 2019-

Dropper bottle: The main reason why the dropper on the dropper can't be taken down.

The air pressure in the drip bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the dropper receives a downward force from the atmosphere. The solution is simple. Heat the drip bottle in a water bath (not directly heated) to remove the vapor pressure in the drip bottle.

Dropper: The dripper that sucks the liquid with the plastic pipette should be suspended vertically above the instrument, and the drug is dropped into the instrument receiving the liquid. Do not let the pipette that sucks the liquid touch the instrument wall; Place the dropper flat on the bench or other place to avoid staining the dropper; do not use an unwashed dropper to resorb other reagents (the dropper on the dropper cannot be used crosswise or rinsed).

Fine-mouth bottle: When taking the test solution from the fine-mouth bottle, the stopper should be taken down and placed on the table; when pouring the liquid, the label should be placed toward the palm of the hand, and the bottle mouth should be close to the test tube mouth or the instrument mouth to prevent residue. The liquid in the mouth of the bottle flows down to corrode the label.

Measuring cylinder: The measuring cylinder is placed smoothly, and the line of sight is kept level with the lower level of the liquid recess in the measuring cylinder. The reading is too high and the reading is bottomed.

To measure the volume of the liquid: first pour the liquid into the vector cylinder to the desired scale and then drop it onto the scale with a dropper. When reading, if looking up, the reading is lower than the actual volume; if it is looking down, the reading is higher than the actual volume.

Note: The measuring cylinder is a measuring device. It can only be used to measure liquid. It can not store medicines for a long time, nor can it be used as a reaction container. Can not be used to measure the liquid that is too cold or too hot, not suitable for heating.