Plastic Reagent Bottle Technical Requirements And Use

- Oct 24, 2019-

Most mainstream reagent bottle adopted polypropylene material is given priority to, the transparency of bottle caps is better than the transparency of the bottle, and you can add pigment, production with color or shading of the reagent bottle bottle and cap. 

Our eco-sensa reagent bottles has a good sealing cap and bottle interference fit design, under the condition of guarantee in the absence of gaskets, achieve good sealing effect. Plastic reagent bottle for more inspection reagent (in vitro diagnostic reagent) and other liquid packing. Wide mouth reagent bottles can also be used for tablet, capsule packaging; Small mouth reagent bottle used for liquid packaging; Flower foliar fertilizer can also be used for packing.

Our plastic reagent bottle packaging, can be used in ordinary water solution suitable PH 5.5-9.0 range of liquid packaging, discomfort oa oxidation resistance, acid, alkaline liquid, discomfort quotiety of oa. Can zero storage at low temperature.

 The plastic reagent bottle lid techniques require the use of injection, the cap for the screw cap off, thread, not easy sliding tooth. Bottle caps and bottles with elastic. Bottle level off, can't again. Uniform wall, bottle does not slants thin, round bottle, stable and the bottle upright, not shaking, not thin.