Reagent Bottle Cap Opening Method

- Jul 29, 2019-

The bottle mouth and cap of the reagent bottle have good sealing performance, no need for cork and no penetration; wide mouth design, easy to use, smooth inner and outer walls, easy to clean, no liquid residue in the inner wall of the bottle mouth, and boiled in nitric acid Cleaning. All other concentrated, dilute, inorganic, organic (acid, base, ester) have no effect. It is suitable for placing high concentration, high purity and strong corrosive drugs and chemical reagents and standard samples. However, it will not be able to take the bottle stopper due to long-term use. The reason is that the liquid reagent adheres to the glass between the stoppers after evaporation. To encounter this situation, you can take the following methods:

1. Drop a small amount of water at the mouth of the bottle. Hold the bottle and the stopper with both hands and shake it evenly, and then remove the stopper.

2. Put the reagent bottle into the beaker with hot water and put it in the beaker for about 5 minutes. When the bottle has small bubbles, take it out with one hand and hold the bottle. The other hand holds the stopper and shakes. , you can take it out, if you can't take it out, continue to soak, know that you can take it out.