The Bane Of The Study To Determine,can Make Cancercan Cells More And Weak Acidic Environment

- Oct 03, 2019-

[when the cancer cells become more acidic will weaken] in a recent study, scientists found that when the cancer cells internal environment become more acid, reproductive capacity and more weak. Ph value of acid environment can inhibit cancer cell's ability to reproduce. This is used by researchers in the United States and Spain computer model to study the conditions of the cancer cell metabolic pathways which influence conclusion. The model showed that cancer cells need a more basic than healthy cells, the internal environment of normal metabolism. It also helps identify some of the enzyme, the enzymes in alkaline environment can promote the occurrence of cancer. Published in the journal nature communications, a paper, said the findings could open up new cancer drugs for these molecules. The researchers explained. "some target recognition of tests on animals, so that we can enter the more advanced stages of pre-clinical testing. Systems biology is the study was carried out in the study of an example, it USES a complex computer model and big data to help us understand the organizational principle of life."

PH is a measure of the acidity and acid environment of the pH value is low, the pH of the alkaline or alkaline environment. Environment of the pH value of 7 is neutral. Healthy cells of the pH value is about 7.2, internal environment with alkalescence. Cancer cells, alkaline stronger, internal pH value is higher than 7.2.

"Through the reconstruction and integration of enzymatic pH dependent on the activities of the spectrum to the specificity of genome size of cell metabolism model, we developed a calculation method to explore the intracellular pH value, can regulate metabolism. Within the team showed that when the cancer is still favorable alkaline pH, cancer cells can proliferate. It is also conducive to cells rely on other functions, such as glycolysis and adapt to oxygen. But the author points out that the cancer cells in the lower, more acidic pH destroyed the adaptability, damaged the growth of tumor cells. Team also USES this model to identify metabolic target, when the cancer cells internal environment become more acid, these targets shows expected amplification anti-cancer effect. In experiments with real breast cancer cells, some goals has shown promising results.