The Main Task Of Cell Biology

- Jul 17, 2019-

The main task of cell biology is to link development and genetics, and the importance of cell differentiation is self-evident. Because in terms of the whole organism, the genetic characteristics are not only displayed in the grown individuals, but are constantly displayed throughout the life process. At the cellular level, cell differentiation is also a process that shows genetic characteristics, such as bird and reptile crystals, which contain crystal proteins of α, β, and δ, which are different from mammals, which contain α and β. γ three. A large number of delta crystal proteins first appeared in the crystal differentiation of birds, but this protein was not found in mammalian crystal differentiation. The emergence of the differentiation characteristics of certain cells, that is, the emergence of their genetic characteristics. However, this is only at the cellular level in terms of the appearance of a biochemical trait (specific protein) in a specialized cell. The situation is of course relatively simple. If a morphological trait composed of multiple cells is involved, the situation will be It is much more complicated, but the process of traits is still the process of genetic expression.

In the case of crystal cell differentiation, the term cell biology is called terminal differentiation, that is, the differentiation toward maturity, and the product of its differentiation is the terminal product of this cell. Because of the convenience of taking materials, the products are relatively easy to analyze, etc., the research on cell differentiation in cell differentiation accounts for a large proportion, and the researches are more red blood cells, muscle cells, pancreatic cells, crystal cells, melanocytes, Chondrocytes, etc.