What Is The Role Of Polypropylene Bottle Infusion?

- Jul 21, 2019-

1. Polypropylene infusion bottles are the best package to replace traditional packaging. Its composition is polypropylene, it is a high-quality high-performance plastic, it is a special material for high-pressure disinfection solution, and it is widely used at home and abroad.

2. At present, the infusion packages commonly used in clinical practice include glass infusion bottles and PVC flexible packaging bags. The weight of the glass infusion bottle is high, the volume is large, the space is large, the brittleness is easy to cause the bottle to be contaminated, and the use is inconvenient; the plasticizer DEHP in the PVC flexible packaging is easily dissolved in the liquid to cause harm to human health, and the combustion is generated. Harmful gases and chlorides cause environmental pollution.

3. Polypropylene infusion bottle has many advantages that glass bottle is incomparable: lighter than glass bottle, not easy to break, toughness, good mechanical strength, convenient for transportation and use; good sealing performance, bottle sealing process, no glass bottle infusion cover The gas leakage phenomenon at the joint of the plug; the chemical property is stable, the drug compatibility is good, the insoluble particles are 5 times less than the glass bottle infusion; the plastic bottle produced by the biaxial stretching process is better in transparency and less deformability than the extrusion blow method; The inner cover, the isoprene rubber pad and the outer cover cover with the easy-pull ring ensure good sealing performance, moderate puncture force, good needle retention, no chipping during puncture, and easy pulling force of the pull ring; In the case of emergency use and rapid infusion, it is suitable for extrusion infusion. The extrusion port of the container can withstand a pressure of more than 0.5Pa at normal pressure. Plastic bottles can be self-produced at the same clean level as pharmaceutical production. It is guaranteed to be non-polluting and the production process is more in line with GMP requirements.

4 . There is no plasticizer in the infusion bottle, no chemical reaction with the drug solution, good stability and long-term storage. It has high strength, good transparency and high temperature sterilization. It is a packaging material with advanced physical properties. Compared with other infusion products in packaging form, the infusion products of such packaging are more assured in quality.