Needle Free Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun for Skin Rejuvenation

Needle Free Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun for Skin Rejuvenation

Filter injector needle is sterile syringe filter injector needle PES and PVDF membrane needle filter sterile filter 30mm/0.22um.1000/case
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The very strict modern company management system and advanced production technology guarantee our Water Sample Bottles, Water Safety Test, Filter Injector Needle always in top quality. Our company actively develop trade relations with countries around the world and have established a global marketing network. The integrity, strength and product quality of our company have been recognized by the industry.

Membrane: PES . PVDF

Eco-Sensa® Filter injector needle are suitable for the filtration of aqueous solutions. Cellulose Acetate combine high flow rates and thermal stability with very low absorption characteristics. Especially 0.22μm pore size CA Membrane excellently suited for sterilization aqueous solutions, buffers, sera and media

We have other wide varieties of syringe filters which are made with a wide variety of membrane types and sealed without glue to maintain the purity of the filtered sample


Filter injector needle Feature

●Filter Diameter: 30mm, Pore size: 0.22(μm)

●Membrane material: CA

●Naturally hydrophilic membrane filter

●Low protein binding: suitable for aqueous protein solutions

●Nitrate free: suitable for groundwater filtration

●Quiet uniform pore size structure

●Extensive pore size specification

●Cell retention and particle collection



●Filtration for aqueous sample and some organic solvents

●Cell Retention for liquid

●Light Scattering Measurement


Cat. No.



Pore size of the membrane
















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