Plastic A Shape Printable Traffic Warning Floor Sign

Plastic A Shape Printable Traffic Warning Floor Sign

Our Label Signs for laboratory, used as a test tips and safety tips. They are made from special plastic material and the size is 32.5 x 22.7 cm. There are 4 compartment, can put four kind tips, 50/case
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Our Label Signs are made of special polypropylene, equipped with two pieces of transparent plastic sheet.

The size of The label signs The size is 32.5 x 22.7 cm, do not need very large space to put.


There are four compartment in the label signs, can put four different kinds of information, moving up two pieces of transparent plastic board, can easily replace any part of the content.


This board can easily stick where you need to, as long as it is flat. To this end, we have pasted four signs stickers in the back of the label signs, they are convenient to install and use.



There are no harm, so can be placed in public.

Of course, the signs can be used in other areas, such as elevator, fire safety, photos and pictures exhibitiona, etc.

The label signs can make different colors according the customer's requirements, as long as you provide

number of Pantone card.

This is a very good product design

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