Sterilized Square Petri Dish 100*100mm/130*130mm

Sterilized Square Petri Dish 100*100mm/130*130mm

100mm cell culture dishes are ideal for all types of culturing where microscopic observation is required. 57.6cm cell growth area, 20/PK, 200/case.
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We always regard the production of high-quality PP Amber Bottles, Cardboard Freezer Boxes, Polystyrene Tissue Culture Treated Plates as the foundation of the enterprise and take improving the product quality and enhancing theresearch and development ability as the development direction of the enterprise. We combine our research and production capabilities to make sure that all of our customers receive the best products. Besides, our company maintains good cooperative relationships with many domestic and international industry organizations. We will make progress together with the market relying on the position of the world factory and making full use of talent advantages, cost advantages, and local advantages. We have established a good mechanism to shorten the time for customers to select and compare one by one when purchasing the whole batch of products.

100mm cell culture dishes are ideal for all types of culturing where microscopic observation is required. Numeric marks on the bottom of each dish allow users to identify the location of cells. 57.6cm cell growth area, 20/PK, 200/case. 


● Flat transparent surface for distortion-free observation

● Vacuum plasma TC treatment, excellent cell adherence

● Stackable for easy storage and handling

● Sterilized by E-Beam

● Non-pyrogenic

About Us:

We focus on innovation and continuous improvement. Our creating products are easy to use.

We have adopted new and advanced molding technology and have employed senior technical staff to offer the best quality to the needs of the science labs. 


Q1.What is the main difference between e-beam processing and the other common modes of irradiation such as gamma irradiation(gamma) and ethylene oxide(ETO) processing?

A:The e-beam process uses accelerated electrons in a continuous exposure mode. While gamma irradiation uses radiosotope-generated gamma rays in a continuous batch exposure mode. Ethylene oxide is a high humidity, low temperature gaseous process where products are pre-conditioned, exposed and aerated in batches.

We will continue to meet the different needs of customers, with Sterilized Square Petri Dish 100*100mm/130*130mm specifications, standards to ensure product quality. Since the establishment of our company, we have been cooperating with colleagues from all walks of life with the most sincere heart, absorbing the essence and eliminating the dross in the cooperation, in order to maximize the development. As a leading supplier in the related markets, we provide excellent after sales services, catering for the needs of our customers throughout the world. We are committed to provide immediate response towards solving all your enquiries.
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